Work With Us

The association with the name Vasudha Landmarks is not the only return they achieve; we have world class infrastructure and facilities to sustain excellent employee growth and development on professional as well as personal fronts.

Our employees are well paid, live in an admirable and friendly environment and pursue a superb work culture, with high emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality of work.The most imaginative and creative ones are the most welcomed.

At Vasudha Landmarks ingenuity is promoted without distinction of ranks or background. If you are creative and resourceful it’s you who shall rise.A bud sprouted long back in depths of time as Pune Brick Company, turned into a tree with strong roots and sheltering leaves which we now know as Vasudha Landmarks.

People wonder what turned that bud into a giant tree, and we tell them proudly it’s the love and blessings of our satisfied customers.Customer satisfaction is the principle that we have revered from the beginning and will continue to do so in the forthcoming era that will definitely be marked by our ever growing presence.

One of Vasudha Landmark’s greatest priorities is to promote and nurture talent. For energetic and brilliant professionals (age for us is just a number) who share our zeal for ceaseless advancement and growth.

From architecture to design; electrical, structural and civil engineering and in non-technical divisions like marketing and sales – opportunities abound.

As a company, Vasudha Landmarks treats all its human resources with the utmost dignity and respect and places a premium on their professional development and personal growth.

In order to actualize this goal we conduct regular and in-depth training to enable our employees become experts in the various different aspects of modern construction and real estate development technologies and practices.

You are welcome to send us your resume by email. Please remember to include information about your education, nature and areas of interest.

If you believe you have the right combination of passion, proficiency and tenacity to join our team, then perhaps Vasudha Landmarks is the place for you! Kindly mail us your resume and we will get back to you for relevant job openings.